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Types of Tickets

There are three different types of tickets available: Weekend/Day/Premium
Weekend and day ticket all guarantee a place to sit, but there is no fixed seat allocation. Early bird and Premium tickets give access to a separate seating area each.

Weekend Ticket - €34,90
Access to the event for both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of June. Valid for all areas except Early Bird and Premium.

Single Day Ticket - €19,90
Access to the event for either June 28 or June 29.
Single Day Tickets will be available starting May, assuming the venue has not sold out of full weekend slots.

Premium Ticket - €179,90

  • Full access to ESL One for June 28 and June 29.
  • Enjoy more comfortable seating in access restricted area near Team VIP boxes. (Only Early Bird Premium tickets have access to the Early Bird Area)
  • Free food and drinks catered throughout the event
  • ESL One Goodie Bag
  • Dota2 Ingame Item Bundle
  • Perfect viewing pleasure is ensured for Premium Tickets
  • Ingame Compendium


  • The best Dota 2 Teams of the world fighting for $150,000
  • Experience watching Dota 2 live in a football stadium with thousands of fans
  • Many side events like cosplay, workshops and more
  • Biggest eSport festival ever in europe


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Days left

Sat 28th + Sun 29th
June 2014