Redemption time? Natus Vincere return to ESL One New York to defend their title!
Natus Vincere are our first invited and confirmed team for the upcoming ESL One New York.

We are thrilled to announce that the reigning ESL One New York champions, Natus Vincere, will be returning to Barclays Center to defend their title. Na'Vi is the first of six invited, and of the eight participating, teams who will travel to Brooklyn, New York, to compete for the coveted ESL One trophy on September 16-17.

Natus Vincere have had a fantastic performance in New York last year and had a huge impact on making the event an unforgettable one. Speaking of unforgettable, we will never forget the legendary AWP fake flash from s1mple:

Those are the plays we want to see this year as well!

Now, the big question is whether Na'Vi can come back to their winning ways and once again become one of the most dominating teams on the professional CS:GO scene. We will be watching them closely at ESL One Cologne and the Kraków major to see what we can expect from the CIS giants in New York this year.

Tickets to the event are available so be sure to join us in the Big Apple to watch world's best CS:GO teams live among thousands of fellow fans! For all the latest updates, follow ESL CS on Twitter and Facebook.