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Former ESC Gaming back in the offline qualifier
After the former ESC Gaming team was disqualified yesterday, the decision has now been revoked following further investigation.

Yesterday we announced disqualifications and changes to the upcoming offline qualifier next weekend as well as a last chance qualifier.

After further investigation, Valve has now lifted their ban on the former ESC Gaming team and therefore ESL is also going to revoke its disqualification and invite them back into the offline qualifier.

The reinvitation of the team will also affect tomorrow’s last chance qualifier, meaning the number of slots to be earned in the last chance qualifier has been reduced to one. This means that just the winner of the qualifier will now get a slot for the offline qualifier next weekend.

Valve said the following of the decision:

The ex-ESC players were restricted from participating in Valve-sponsored events because their historical account activity matched allegations of misconduct. However, further investigation has clarified their role in the matter, and the restriction has been lifted.

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