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Announcing the ESL One Katowice Counter-Strike: Global Offensive talent lineup!
Find out who’ll be bringing you all the amazing CS:GO action at the Spodek arena in just over a week’s time.

We're pleased to be able to announce the full talent lineup for ESL One Katowice. With this top team set to bring you all the action at the Spodek arena from the 12th to the 15th of March, you're sure to be in good hands!

The commentary team will comprise our very own Leigh "Deman" Smith and Lauren "Pansy" Scott as well as CS scene favorites Anders "Anders" Blume and Stuart "Tosspot" Saw.

The analysis desk will be manned by ESL's Alex "Machine" Richardson along with Spencer "Hiko" Martin and Casper "Cadian" Møller, with a number of pro players to step up and lend their expert opinions throughout the event.

In addition to this, Halvor "Vendetta" Gulestøl and Janko "yNK" Paunovic will serve as observers for this year's edition of ESL One Katowice, with old hand Sean Charles to take you through the entire event as host.

In summary, the full ESL One Katowice talent lineup is as follows:

  • Host: Sean Charles
  • Commentator: Leigh "Deman" Smith
  • Commentator: Lauren "Pansy" Scott
  • Commentator: Anders "Anders" Blume
  • Commentator: Stuart "Tosspot" Saw
  • Analyst: Alex "Machine" Richardson
  • Analyst: Spencer "Hiko" Martin
  • Analyst: Caper "Cadian" Møller
  • Observer: Halvor "Vendetta" Gulestøl
  • Observer: Janko "yNK" Paunovic


ESL One Katowice kicks off on Thursday the 12th of March - make sure you tune in!

Start off ESL One Katowice 2015 right by being there right from opening day - grab your opening day pass here!




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